What is Legend of the Otaku?

Legend of the Otaku is an anime-based role-playing game where you step into the shoes of Tenchi Takahashi, a hardcore anime addict, manga aficionado, and overall otaku-extraordinaire.

This game is a labor of love, drawing upon the anime tropes that weebs know and love. Ever want to see futuristic mecha piloted by a magical girl take on a kaiju bound to a monster-trainer's summoning ball, while engaging in a food war with all of the waifus from your favorite harem show? Me too. As an anime fan and storyteller, I designed Legend of the Otaku to give something back to anime fans everywhere. The story unfolds in a rich immersive environment, so feel free to explore, push buttons, open boxes, and discover all of its inside jokes, easter eggs, and other secrets.

The game is available on both Windows and Android, completely free of charge. However, if you wanted to support its development, you can find links to my Patreon and OnlyFans on the LinkTree above.

What can you expect to see:





How often is a new version available for download?

Honestly - whenever I can find the time. I have a very demanding full time job and life, so I'll do my best to update as often as possible but please be patient (I'll try to make it worthwhile).

Will my old save files work when you update the game?

At this point, I'm not totally sure. However, while the game is in development, I will give you the option of "fast-forwarding" to the new "chapter" each time there is a new release.

How do I report bugs?

There are a couple of options. You can email me at legendoftheotaku@gmail.com. You can also join the Discord server and report them there or send me a message on any of the platforms listed on LinkTree above. I'll do my best to respond quickly and fix bugs in each new version.

Do you stream when you're working on the game?

I created a walkthrough video for the Prologue (see LinkTree above). If time permits, I'm not opposed to making other videos as well.

Do you post hints or walkthroughs?

Originally, I included a notebook like Kintaro Oe (my hero), but replaced that with a Quest Journal in the in-game menu. I also post occassional hints in the Wiki pages for the game. If you're still stuck, you might be able to find answers on the Discord server.

I can draw/animate/play music - how can I help out?

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I'm not in a position to hire anyone else to work on the game..

How much longer until the game is completely done?

It could be a while.

Anime's not really my thing - are you making any other games?

At the moment, Legend of the Otaku is the only game I'm working on, though I have jotted down ideas for other games (ex: I would like to make a camping/survival game that kids can play too).

Who are you?

I'm just an anime fan, who also loves computers and RPGs. I wrote my first game 30+ years ago (I was in middle school and it was a text-based adventure written in Basic). I do this because it's fun, I love it, and nobody else was making the kinds of games I wanted to play.